Potatoes, Sausages

Pytt i Panne – Potato Hash

Before the weekend I just wanted to share a quick recipe for Pytt i panne! This is a dish you’ll find across the Nordic. As the Norwegian saying goes “kjært barn har mange navn“, which means “a loved child has many names”. In Norway it goes by pytt i panne, in Sweden it’s pytt i […]


Brennende Kjærlighet – Burning Love

I’m really not sure how this dish ended up with the name “Burning Love”. Tried looking around, but couldn’t really find anyone else that was quite sure where the name came from either. But at any rate, it’s a really tasty meal. And it’s quick and easy! Heck, it’s so easy I don’t think I […]


Sausage Stroganoff

Here is a recipe for another quick and easy dinner that’s a huge hit in my family. It’s hands down my favorite Swedish dish after having lived there for 6 years. Swedish meatballs ain’t got nothing on the Korv (Sausage) Stroganoff if you ask me! Funnily enough it took me moving to the US to […]