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Munker – Norwegian Pancake Balls

I wanted to share a recipe for Munker. After reading and reading I can’t quite tell if it’s just a odd translation of the well known aebleskiver from Denmark or if it’s something Norwegians made that’s just oddly similar (Which can be said for a lot of Scandinavian food to be honest!) At any rate, […]

17 Mai, Cakes


In time for May 17th I wanted to share a recipe for pavlova. It’s not traditional Norwegian in the sense of originating from here, but it has become a staple in May festivities around the country. It’s a airy, sweet, delicious dessert to serve. For those unfamiliar, May 17th is Norwegian Constitution Day. We celebrate […]


Norwegian Apple Cake

I’m sure we all have certain recipes we’ve had around forever, and this is one of them for me. The first time I actually made this was in home economics back in 9th grade, haha! It’s simple and oh so tasty, and a great way to use up some apples! Not to mention the incredible […]


Norwegian Waffles

For the weekend, I wanted to share one of my family’s favorite things to make – Norwegian waffles! (Or Scandinavian, I think these melt across our borders really) While I know in the US waffles is more of a breakfast food, to us Scandinavians it’s more of a sweet treat. In Norway you make waffles […]