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Potatoes, Sausages

Pytt i Panne – Potato Hash

Before the weekend I just wanted to share a quick recipe for Pytt i panne! This is a dish you’ll find across the Nordic. As the Norwegian saying goes “kjært barn har mange navn“, which means “a loved child has many names”. In Norway it goes by pytt i panne, in Sweden it’s pytt i […]

Fish, Pasta

Fiskegrateng – Norwegian Fish Gratin

Fish gratin is a dish that just screams comfort food to me. Pasta, bechamel sauce, crunchy topping, where can you go wrong? Traditionally it was a nice way to use up some leftover fish, but these days many make it as a stand alone dish in it’s own glory. It’s particularly popular with families as […]

Christmas, Sweets & Treats

Munker – Norwegian Pancake Balls

I wanted to share a recipe for Munker. After reading and reading I can’t quite tell if it’s just a odd translation of the well known aebleskiver from Denmark or if it’s something Norwegians made that’s just oddly similar (Which can be said for a lot of Scandinavian food to be honest!) At any rate, […]

Christmas, Pork

Ribbe – Roasted Pork Belly

Just in case you wanted to add a Norwegian twist to Christmas dinner this year, I wanted to add a recipe for ribbe, or roasted pork belly. In modern times (And when I say modern times, I mean after the 1700s. Historian brain kicked in for a minute, haha!) roasted pork belly has become a […]


Lammefrikassé – Norwegian lamb fricassee

In many places fall is the time of year that makes them think of apples, cinnamon, or pumpkins. In Norway I would say hands down the sign of fall in the stores is when the lamb meat comes in. Well, it’s available year around, but in the fall it always explodes and there’s so much […]

17 Mai, Cakes


In time for May 17th I wanted to share a recipe for pavlova. It’s not traditional Norwegian in the sense of originating from here, but it has become a staple in May festivities around the country. It’s a airy, sweet, delicious dessert to serve. For those unfamiliar, May 17th is Norwegian Constitution Day. We celebrate […]


Pannekaker (Norwegian Pancakes)

Here’s a recipe for a childhood favorite, Pannekaker! Norwegian pancakes are thinner than American pancakes, but still a smidge thicker than crepes. And for us it’s definitely a dinner food, not breakfast. (Not that it stops you from eating them for breakfast if you’d like!) It’s also quick and easy, requires only four ingredients that […]

Veggie Soup with Chicken
Chicken, Soups

Veggie Soup with Chicken

I love veggie soup, it’s just comfort in a bowl to me! Especially on cold days, which there of course are plenty of here in Norway, haha. I started out looking for soup recipes, but ended up combining a few to my own little mix. There is especially something about veggie soup with celery root […]


Brennende Kjærlighet – Burning Love

I’m really not sure how this dish ended up with the name “Burning Love”. Tried looking around, but couldn’t really find anyone else that was quite sure where the name came from either. But at any rate, it’s a really tasty meal. And it’s quick and easy! Heck, it’s so easy I don’t think I […]